Globetrotting with Dr. Paul Johnson

SIXTEEN THOUSAND AND SEVENTY THREE GOOGLE+ followers…250,000 Facebook followers AND 500,000 Twitter Followers!

These staggering achievements belong to none other than A Luxury Travel Blog. One of the premier blogs of its kind, A Luxury Travel Blog was started ten years ago by Dr. Paul Johnson. It provides upscale travelers with a wealth of information about exotic destinations, accommodations, and restaurants.

Courtesy of Dr. Johnson
Courtesy of Dr. Johnson

A veteran of the travel industry for almost three decades, Dr. Johnson (who has a PhD in Glaciology) has earned a laudable reputation for providing superb services. It therefore comes as no surprise, that he has been featured in numerous magazines, including the authoritative Conde Nast. Dr. Johnson began writing his travel blog on Dec. 28, 2005.  His blog is one of the most visited globally, and has been voted “One of the world’s best travel blogs,” and “best for luxury” by the Daily Telegraph.

In addition to being the Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog, Dr. Johnson is also: 1) The Director of The Dedicated Partnership Ltd. This online marketing company manages more than 200 travel related websites for accommodation providers; tourist boards etc. and 2) The Director of Kendal Holiday Cottages, Ltd. This is Dr. Johnson’s, luxury riverside property in Kendal, which he alongside his wife Becky, operates as a vacation rental accommodation.

With such a remarkable track record, you can imagine my delight, when Dr. Johnson agreed to take time out of his busy day to speak with us about his niche in the travel industry and also his travels.

CT: Please tell us about yourself and your blog.                                                                 My name is Paul Johnson and I am the Editor of A Luxury Travel ( ) which I have been running since 2005 (which makes it quite old in blogging terms!). I have worked in the tourist industry for more than 25 years.

A Luxury Travel Blog is one of the leading travel blogs on the Web, with around 200,000 unique visitors per month, half a million followers on Twitter and a quarter of a million on Facebook.

CT: How do you define luxury travel?
Luxury travel is very different for different people but for me it is all about service and attention to detail. It’s about going that extra mile that goes beyond the traveller’s expectations.

CT: What inspires you to travel?
Seeing new places and experiencing different cultures, and introducing our children to a host of new experiences that only travel brings.

Courtesy of Dr. Johnson
Courtesy of Dr. Johnson



     CT: What three things do                you always pack                              first for a trip?

“Passport, money and                tickets,” are the three things that I repeat to myself over and over as I leave home. I figure that if I have those three things, anything else (such as forgetting a change of socks) can be remedied, but leave any of those items and my trip could be ruined.


CT: How do you like to unwind when you travel?
Even if I’m on a beach, I’m the sort of person who likes to be doing something rather than just lying there.  I am very happy to unwind by just spending time with my family, going out for a meal, or relaxing in a café and watching the world go by.

Courtesy of Dr. Johnson
Courtesy of Dr. Johnson

CT: Who is the most interesting person that you have met on your travels?Gosh, that’s a hard one. I’m not really sure. On a recent trip, I met a very interesting person who had studied nutrition for many years.  He was actually a freelance photographer for a leading men’s magazine, but he was extremely knowledgeable when it came to nutrition and the effects of different foods on the body. He was a strong advocate of the paleo diet (the way we used to eat pre-agriculture when we were still hunter gatherers) which I found very interesting.

CT: What is the most unusual vacation that you have taken?                                     I joined an expedition with Land Rover a couple of years ago, driving three prototype hybrid Range Rovers (the only ones that existed in the world at the time) all the way across Nepal and into India. That was pretty unique and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

CT: As a veteran of the travel industry, what travel trends have surprised                   you the most?                                                                                                                              The rise of the mobile. When I started A Luxury Travel Blog, it was long                 before the release of the first generation iPhone. It was hard to conceive             back then that people would be doing all the many things they can now do,       from a device they could easily carry in their pocket.

CT: If you could time travel, where would you go? Why?                                                 I’m very happy with the present, but if given the opportunity, I guess it                 would make sense to delve into the future and see what lies ahead.

Courtesy of Dr. Johnson
Courtesy of Dr. Johnson
Courtesy of Dr. Johnson
Courtesy of Dr. Johnson


Thank you, Dr. Johnson!

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